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Milos is for Lovers
Kleftiko, MilosMilos, the island of lovers. An idyllic vacation destination.
Milos Island
Milos IslandThe Definitive Tourist Guide Portal for the Island of Milos.
Achivadolimni, MilosThe longest beach in Milos, with white and golden sand and tamarisk trees for shade.
Adamas, Milos
Adamas, MilosThe portal for Adamas, the largest village in Milos.
Pachena, MilosPicturesque settlement and quiet tourist resort with a beautiful beach on the north coast of Milos.
Paliochori, MilosThe Best Beach of Milos.
Plaka, MilosThe Capital of Milos, a traditional Cycladic settlement with an elevated view of the bay.
Pollonia, MilosFishing Village and Tourist Resort on the northeast tip of Milos.
Provatas, MilosHistoric resort in a beautiful bay with several sandy beaches on the south coast of Milos.
AdvanTech Int.
AdvanTech InternationalWeb Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reservations, Electronic Payments, Digital Photography.
Volcano Discovery
Volcano DiscoverySilver of the Aegean - Milos | Study trip to the volcanic island of Milos.