Sightseeing in Milos Island

Below are some of the most interesting spots to visit in Milos Island: The village of Adamas, as well as the beaches of Achivadolimni, Paliochori and Tsigrado, the cave of Papafrangas, the luminous, white rocks of Sarakiniko and the remarkable landscape of the cove of Kleftiko.

Achivadolimni beachThe longest beach in Milos, with white and golden sand and tamarisk trees for shade. Achivadolimni beach is located right across the bay from Adamas, and is best visited when the winds blow from the south.

Adamas, MilosAdamas is the seaport of Milos and the largest village of the island. Adamas (or Adamandas) features most of the lodging establishments, restaurants and entertainment spots of Milos, as well as two beautiful beaches: Lagada beach on the west part of town, and the blue-flag Papikinou beach on the sprawling eastern part of the village.

Kleftiko, MilosThe famous cove of Kleftiko (=Bandits' Lair) is an old, pirates' hide-out on the southwest tip of Milos. Kleftiko is characterized by its rugged landscape including several caves and is the destination of most sailboat and Round-of-Milos daily cruises during the summer.

Paliochori, MilosPaliochori on the south coast of Milos is widely regarded as the best beach of the island. Divided in 3 sections, the beach of Paliochori consists of dark sand and small pebbles with crystal-clear waters, and a colorful, volcanic landscape shaped by sulphur and iron oxides.

PapafrangasNamed after a Catholic priest, the cave of Papafrangas is actually a couple of caves by the water, possibly used as pirate hide-outs centuries ago. There is a small beach, and the two caves are interconnected by an underpass.

Sarakiniko, MilosSarakiniko, named after Saracen pirates who used it as a hide-out, is a remarkable, mile-long location on the north coast of Milos. The barren landscape of Sarakiniko, characterized by luminous, water-shaped and wind-swept white rocks, caves and little or no vegetation is one of the most popular sightseeing spots of the island.

Tsigrado, MilosTsigrado is a popular small beach on the south coast of Milos that is rather difficult to access, but once you negotiate the rugged path to the beach, you'll be rewarded with sparkling white sand and beautiful, azure waters.